Filetofsoul 2.0
Filetofsoul 2.0
Thank you for visiting filetofsoulmusic.com. You have reached the exclusive download distribution site for the music of Tommy Kennedy. The music herein was written, performed and produced by Tommy unless otherwise noted. Tommy is a sole independent music producer and distributor. By supporting this site you support the artist exclusively.

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"The concept for Filetofsoul music began in 1988 with a collection of music I sent to the Library Of Congress for copyright entitled, "Filetofsoul: Music For The Mind's Eye"....The first recordings were done on a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder. The birth of the mp3 file and the advancement of the internet allowed a much broader platform for internet marketing of independent music. The original platform for distribution paid indie artists a nickel per listen and a quarter per download. The audience was predominately international so I had the idea to write a series of instrumental pieces descriptive musically of the song title,-Impressionistic music. Adding songs in multiple genres across the platform of distribution resulted in the eclectic nature of the Filetofsoulmusic collection. The music at www.filetofsoulmusic.com contains a broad swath of talented musicians on a variety of tracks, each emulating the style of the specific piece. Filetofsoul had always been a recording project until 2007, at which point a live presentation was developed with a concert video. Initially, it was a challenge to interpret studio compositions with multiple overdubs into a live format. Ultimately, The "Filetofsoul Project" performed over three hours of original music. This led to the filetofsoulmusic.com site. Thank you everyone for the support through the years." -Tommy Kennedy

Musicians participating in the Filetofsoul Project:

Michael McNair -Drums

Cary Roberts -Electric Guitar

Lisa Butcher -Vocal, co-writer on "Canticle" and "The Dwelling"

Jennifer Louviere -Vocal

Mike Miller -Drums

Joel Q. Wilkinson -Drums

KC Owens -Electric Guitar

John Yeager -Drums

Michael Lukers -Vocal

Bob Matteson -Drums

Mark Ellis -Vocal

Jeff Rollo -Electric Guitar

Our Contact Information:

By email:tommy@filetofsoulmusic.com

All music downloads are in MP3 format at 320k. This is the absolute best quality for MP3. All song samples are encoded at MP3 128k. Free Downloads are also in MP3 320k format.

Lightning photography by William R. Curstinger PhD.


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